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Not bad

Im on level 7 and at this point im just blowing the shit out of everything. Bosses are to easy and im also hearing ads pop up in the backround lol. Also if you limited the number of noises going off in the game it would be less annoying to hear the computer voice repeat itself several times in a row. I like watching the pixels explode from my massive guns, the pixel animation is the best part of the game. All in all its pretty fun.

wtf acceleration

A normal person has the abality to explode into a sprint, aparently you modeled your character after a 93 honda accord. The art was fine but the gameplay was boring at best.


I played up to the asteroid level and it was pretty fun but I got bored with it. It could use more powerups and more upgrades to hold players attention for such a long game. The color changing system added a little something so that was good. It just felt basic on the powerups and upgrades but good overall.

ugur responds:

i´ll add some more powerups with one of the next updates :)


way to fucking hard, i try for five minutes and get pissed off before throwing my mouse into the wall and punching the fucking laptop. I fucking hate you.


Like a ten year old made it. So many glitches it isnt funny and almost no fun value at all....whats the point of playing this...to get the ball in the hole! OMG REVOLUTIONARY IDEA!!!


I used to love you but now I hate you. Plain and simple. The music was radio trash, like some sort of shitty linkin park-creed ripoff. The first metro siberia you released was great but this one was easy sloppier and just had a silly feeling to it.


People are saying it is hard but I breezed through it. The only one that took a minute was the password with symbols. Great experimental game though

magic585 responds:

I personally don't think this is a very difficult game either, but I designed it, so I can't really know for sure how hard it would be for me to play. I suppose this game just rewards a different kind of thinking than most.


3422 starting on easy and going to med

Hell yea

This game was alot better then I expected. I usually hate these treasure hunting games for being to hard but I got the hang of this one easily for some reaon. Saving often is key to getting far I found out. The whole game was balanced great also. Chalenging but not piss you off hard. Nice job

Nice try

Good trick, you fooled me for a moment.....but only a moment.

N5 responds:

I dont understand. Im not trying to fool anyone. Please pm with more info. Oh I see. Ha! you almost fooled me for a moment

Music, its what I am. If you like music, have a listen.

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