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A president for change, or a dark omen?

2008-11-05 05:43:26 by Bladefury

Something just does not sit right with me about obama. Its more then the alarming prophecies made in the bible and by nostradamus. I just have a terrible feeling about the years to come. His entire campaign was based on his abality to bring change, but change comes in many forms. I fear we are changing from an complete dumbshit president to a president who is some how, in some way evil. Maybe Im fucking crazy, I know there are tons of obama supporters, but its just something about that fake cheesy smile of his that has managed to pierce my mind and cause me a great deal of unease. Im up to talk more about it so hit me up, and fuck you panzy ass trolls that are going to spam my comments with your retarded off topic shit. No one fucking cares.


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2008-11-05 10:53:01

Lol a dark omen? Stop worrying about Obama's middle name. I know that after eight years of Bush it's very tough to think that a politician could possibly have our best interests in mind, but Obama has shown us from the start of the campaign that he is the exception to the rule.

Bladefury responds:

name one way that obama is the exception to the rule. The fact that he wants to pull our armies out of unfinished wars. The fact that he wil then cut the size and budget for our homeland security in a time when other nations armies have grown to immense power and nuclear proliferation is abound. Perhaps its his amazing economic plans to take from the rich and give to the poor. Sounds like communism to me buddy. Or maybe you are impresed by his envoronmental plans, all of which are insufficient and will be cancelled out by doing things such as drilling more oil from our own shores. Please Id love to hear whats so great about this under qualified polotician bringing us "hope".


2008-11-05 22:37:14

Unfinished wars? Like Iraq? Remember "Mission Accomplished"?

Lol, crying out "Communism!" everytime someone says they want the government to do something is not an argument. And I don't think taking from the rich to give to the poor is a bad thing, perhaps you remember the story of "Robin Hood". Or perhaps you remember the story of Jesus Christ, who said that you should give everything you have to the poor. I always knew ol' Jesus was a pinko!

Yes, Obama is for offshore drilling. But he's also for increased funding of green technologies like wind, solar, hybrid vehicles, etc. And yes, he would fund such a thing with that crazy Communist idea called taxes.

Under qualified? You know Sarah Palin who couldn't even do an interview with Katie Couric without making a fool of herself would have been a heartbeat away from presidency.

Ever since Obama has been out of college he has been working with communities and with the law. He knows his shit, and his interviews and in the debates he has proved that.

Bladefury responds:

Mission accomplished? Then what the hell are we still doing with the majority of our armed forces in iraq? As far as the communism argument goes, aparently you didnt see on the new last night the massive crouds holding up flags of the sickle and hammer in front of the white house. Socialism in todays world economy is slowly becoming more prevelant, whether you choose to see that or not. Our economy is so fucked up at this point that incorporating socialism into the system may seem for the best, but it will only make things worse. Off shore drilling as well as drilling oil reserves under our land will only bolster further failure of the economy as well as increase the amount of time we continue to consume fossil fuels. The window for saving what is left of the environment shrinks exponentialy each day, and only radical changes will have any hope for saving the planet. By no means am I saying McCain would do better, I liked niether candidate. As for obamas qualifications, I dont dispute the man has some intelligence but he has zero military backround, not to mention the fact that it was never proven that he was born in the united states. Perhaps we saw different interviews and debates but the only things I heard him say was the same bullshit any candidate would say to get elected in a time of turmoil. After a dipshit like bush Americans ate obamas speaches for change like a fat woman eating cake. On a completly different level, there were predictions of obamas election made not only by nostradamus but also in the bible. If you want to read some heavy ass shit, look into that, it will blow your mind. This world is falling apart and I believe obama will be the death blow for america.


2011-11-20 03:46:40

And 3 years later: GREAT PREDICTION! :P

Bladefury responds:

Seven years later, I hit the fucking nail on the head. Nothing good has come of the presidency.